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Red card for Romaina from Istanbul

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Animal liberation activists in Istanbul, Turkey have gathered on Saturday, September 14 in front of the Romanian Consulate to protest Romania's plan to mass kill tens and thousands of stray dogs in the country's capital. The protest organized by the "Independent Animal Liberation Activists" (IALA) brought together animal rights advocates across the country.

"Romania, don't kill", "a Thousand greetings to activist in Romania", "Everywhere Bucharest, everywhere resistance", "Red card to Romania", "Freedom for humans, animals, earth", "Shoulder to shoulder against speciesism", shouted the activists loudly across the Consulate.

Following the slogans, animal rights activist made a statement, saying: "Is your parliament considering banning all motor vehicles because vehicles crash or to euthanize 'wandering' men because men rape women? If this is your logical approach then we are guaranteeing that no Romanian citizen will ever be harmed in your country. Killing animals can never be a solution; it would only be genocide. We are calling the Romanian government to stop considering killing stray dogs to be a solution and instead to come up with a real formula that will deal with the problems of the dogs instead of seeing them as the problem. Killing is not a solution, it is murder. Romania, do not kill our friends!"

Facing against the Consulate, activists reached in their pockets for the red cards and showed them to the building to once more protest the soon-to-be stray dog genocide and staged a sit-in.

Some images from the protest:

(We are all dogs of Romania)

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